Proven Deal Process

Licensing is a relationship not merely between brands, but among people. At IMC, we build and nurture both of those relationships while delivering top-notch customer care that treats — and protects — your brand as if it were our own. With the help of our proven process, we work closely with our clients to ensure successful and meaningful licensing programs.

IMC’s Services


Our Strategy Approach

  • We take a deep dive into industry trends and your brand
  • We present you options and ideas for growth:
    • Grounded in insights
    • Unique and sustainable (white space)
    • Impactful (fewer, bigger, better)
  • We help you prioritize opportunities and build consensus internally

Partner Solicitation

Category Experts

With established industry-wide relationships spanning hundreds of consumer product categories, we quickly secure the best partner to put your strategy into action.

Proven Sales Resources

Finding the right partner doesn’t have to tie up your team. Our experts will utilize their contacts: manufacturers, brands, and retailers, to identify and secure a licensing partner that best fit your goals. 

Consultative Approach

Knowing the right person to call is just the beginning. Our team will advise on strategies to negotiate terms, and they will oversee the drafting and completion of agreements.

Program Management

IMC’s program management team works closely with our partners to make sure every dollar is accounted for and that all partners are in full compliance with their agreements. Our meticulous attention to detail enhances the long-term value of programs and ensures that products and campaigns reach their full potential.

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