Case Studies

Southern Comfort

We work to cultivate long-term relationships, so when Southern Comfort approached us with a problem, we knew that we could find an opportunity for them. They were looking for ways to enhance their brand’s “mixability” and broad flavor profile, and since our research indicated that the Southern Comfort brand was most popular during the holiday season, we took this chance to partner with a national dairy company, HP Hood, to create the best-selling premium eggnog in the country.

Southern Comfort solo bottle

Although the Southern Comfort brand was on the eggnog carton, the drink was non-alcoholic, which presented even more opportunities. At the time, consumers weren’t allowed to buy liquor in most grocery stores, so this drink let us place the Southern Comfort brand in a channel that, traditionally, it was not allowed to be in. The product generated millions of impressions of an alcoholic brand through a non-alcoholic product. And because the eggnog was blended with a holiday swirl of fruits and spices, it tasted best when mixed with Southern Comfort, so it also supported sales and promotion for the core product. That, in turn, built further opportunities for retailers to market and sell both products together.

Don’t Just Take It From Us.

IMC works with us to understand our brand and our consumers, seeks out opportunities, then drives them to market. They help us make Southern Comfort more visible, more relevant, more often.

Paul Tuell

VP, Brand Director, Southern Comfort