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A behind-the-scenes look at some of our favorite partnerships.

  • Tidy Cats Litter

    Licensing is a business that, if done right, pays out for the long-term. Case in point: About 10 years ago, we were working with a leading fragrance franchisee, helping them extend their popular fragrances into new product categories. At the…

  • Sweet Baby Ray’s

    In 2007, we were working with Walmart on a beef jerky deal that would involve a barbecue brand, and Walmart requested that we bring in Sweet Baby Ray’s. At the time, Sweet Baby Ray’s just sold barbecue sauce, but we…

Don’t Just Take It From Us.

IMC has been an amazing partner to CTI in helping us maneuver through the many nuances of being a licensee of a highly coveted nationally recognized Brand. From new product development and subsequent mass retailer product launches, through ongoing sales and marketing efforts, IMC is prompt and decisive with communications, recommendations, and protocol compliance. Fair in their evaluations, criticisms, and praise and a leader in professionalism. IMC is a particularly skilled liaison between manufacturers and major brand partnerships. Working with them over the past six years has been a truly wonderful experience.

Jana Schwan

Vice President, Cti Industries

The hallmark of IMC is found not only in their extraordinarily high level of professionalism, it is in their personal level of commitment to the success of both licensee and licensor. IMC has a team that is totally invested, each of whom genuinely cares and, as a result, are a true pleasure to work with!

J Knapp

President, Scentco

Our team truly appreciates having IMC as a partner in helping us grow our business. From the beginning IMC has listened to our vision and long-term goals and helped to establish the right partnerships. They are able to provide insight into the entire process, while having the ability to handle every detail with professionalism, timeliness, and most importantly, a willingness to help out with anything we’ve needed. Throughout the process we had the utmost confidence in their ability and we certainly look forward to working with the IMC team on new projects.

Jennifer Grosshandler

Director of Marketing, Lamplight

It is an absolute pleasure working with the IMC Partnerships team on our licensing program! Their level of professionalism, service and knowledge is among the best in the industry and their efforts have proven invaluable in ensuring our success and accomplishing positive results from project inception through completion. We look forward to many more years of working together! 

Nicole DaPra

Category Manager, Iris USA

IMC has been a phenomenal partner of ours for over 7 years. They’ve provided leadership and direction to help us strategically manage our business and are extremely well versed in all areas of licensing and product development. IMC’s professionalism is second to none. They consistently deliver on their expertise and have the keen ability to think outside the box on new opportunities and avenues for growth.

Kristy Yvars

Licensing & Marketing Director, Fetch4Pets

IMC works with us to understand our brand and our consumers, seeks out opportunities, then drives them to market. They help us make Southern Comfort more visible, more relevant, more often.

Paul Tuell

VP, Brand Director, Southern Comfort

IGT has done numerous licensing deals, and IMC is one of our favorite partners. They made us understand how a hot sauce could be an entertainment brand, and they helped us develop what has turned out to be a very successful offering. All of our colleagues at IMC are great to work with.

Nancy King

Licensing Manager, IGT

  • Pic

    At IMC, we connect people and opportunities. Sometimes that means connecting brands with brands, but it can also mean (as in this account) partnering a brand with a product. We approached PIC Corporation, a pest control consumer goods company, because…


    When we start working with a brand, we ask them to tell us everything they know about their business and their consumer base. Then we do a deep dive into market research to understand who they’re selling to, who’s buying,…

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