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We’re committed to fostering dynamic brand alliances. Often those alliances are born from one brand’s need and another’s ability to meet that need. The IMC team are experts at recognizing and creating those opportunities, but our real expertise is people. Standing side by side, as consultants, partners, peers, and as friends, we’re driven by a singular purpose: creating a smart idea.

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We’re a small group of buttoned-up professionals who are experts across multiple licensing disciplines.

  • Stephen Reily Picture

    Stephen Reily

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Julie Brown

    Senior Vice President

  • Nancy Defauw Picture

    Nancy Defauw

    Senior Director of Strategy

  • alana-schnee

    Alana Schnee

    Licensee Sales

  • Jacky Kuerzi

    Director of Client Services

  • Maria Janis Picture

    Maria Janis

    Senior Account Manager

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Bringing brands together requires a big heart and an understanding of the big picture.

It requires empathy, a willingness to embrace what might be, a passion to be adventurous. It demands partners who understand that opportunities are embedded in risk, but who also understand the difference between informed determination and recklessness. As a top brand and product licensing agency, we’ll work with you to do the hard work and discovery that lay a disciplined foundation for the inventive-but-sensible alliances that help build your brand and keep it strong. 
We’ve built a company that cultivates relationships, so that our clients can pursue and realize something bigger and better. We’re a company that’s a home for dreamers, doers, and makers — an exceptional and rare place where thoughtfulness and creativity coexist to serve brands that possess the courage to pursue their visions.

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