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Borghese and Icon

  • Became the first eye-wear program at CVS to leverage the department store cachet of Borghese which secured desired brand placement outside its traditional retail accounts
  • Aligned licensee and retailers for cohesive program implementation

Sweet Baby Ray's Beef Jerky

  • The #1 BBQ sauce partnered with Bridgford Foods to make 4 unique BBQ beef jerky flavor profiles ​
  • The partnership has helped Bridgford expand their beef jerky distribution nationally​
  • Co-promotion opportunities have helped increase sales at retail for both products​

TABASCO IGT Slot Machine

  • The die-hard Tabasco consumer has high risk tolerance, making gaming an appropriate category extension​
  • Created an interactive brand experience for consumers
  • Became IGT’s #2 selling slot machine behind Wheel of Fortune​
  • Gave brand exposure in casinos where advertising is illegal​

Lifesavers Unilever Popsicles

  • The program refreshed a brand known for flavor, color and
    shape in unique and distinctive products
  • Uniquely expanded the brand’s presence in a
    relevant new spaces
  • LifeSavers single-serve pops were the #1 new item in C-stores, which drove 58% of Popsicle growth

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Kellogg's Cereal

  • Leveraged consumer insights and feedback to build and support Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory’s retail campaign​
  • Developed a strategic partnership with Kellogg’s to create an indulgent, chocolate cereal ​
  • The program was initially launched at Target and was quickly rolled out to other national retailers.​

Southern Comfort HP Hood Eggnog

  • Utilized unique flavor profile to create a holiday beverage that is targeted at the female demographic.
  • Eggnog sales drove use of the brand’s core product​
  • Created new channels of distribution for a brand that could not be sold legally in most U.S. supermarkets​
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