Lauren DeLapa

Account Manager


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Introducing our Account Manager, the Chicago-based, La Croix-loving, University of Minnesota grad (Go Gophers!) with B.S. in Communications who joined us in December 2019 and is slated to do great things — Lauren DeLapa. Where to start with this wunderkind? In her budding career, Lauren has already gained experience in an array of marketing and communication roles for a bevy of organizations both great and small. She came to IMC looking for all the challenges and growth that working alongside a dynamic team on a vast client portfolio would bring with it. (Her words, not ours.) Lauren aced her interview with us, so we’re okay with the fact that she runs a photography side-hustle outside of her hours with IMC. Did we mention she’s Chicago-based? Lauren can see Wrigley Field from her window, and she’ll never say no to a day spent in the stands cheering on the Chicago Cubs. When she isn’t taking advantage of all the urban attractions in her backyard, you’ll find her cuddled up with her mini-Australian Shepherd, Captain. (#dogmom, anyone?) We look forward to witnessing all that Lauren is going to accomplish with us and those challenges she’s going to vanquish along the way. With a La Croix in tow, of course. Preferably pamplemousse-flavored.

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