Emily Wickerham Randles

Emily is the President of IMC Licensing and leads her team in developing and delivering meaningful licensing partnerships. Emily’s energetic leadership style foster’s creativity balanced with analytical analysis.

Emily believes that impactful licensing deals are rooted in strong partnerships and relationships. It’s not about guarantees and royalties, it’s about creating great innovative products with strong brand equities that connect and add value to the consumer, and overall make our world a better place to live. If there isn’t a human connection to the product, brand, and partnership, it’s not worth doing. 

Emily has worked with several Fortune 500 companies and has helped launch over 100 new licensed products. Kraft Foods, Wrigley, Chiquita, Union Pacific, the Estate of Biggie Smalls and Bissell are some of her favorite clients.

Her favorite client is S.C. Johnson, she has been working with them from the beginning and loves working with their iconic brands. She also has a nerdy passion for great cleaning products and loves taking home samples to test. Her favorite thing about IMC is the Fitbit work week challenge, Emily is a fierce competitor and is always open to new challenges.

Her first work trip was a licensing summit for Union Pacific where she got to ride on a retired passenger train from LA to Denver, still to this day one of the coolest experiences of her life.

Emily lives with her husband in northwest Colorado and spends her free time, skiing, hiking, biking, and paddle boarding. Her favorite happy hour drink is a hoppy IPA and her favorite vacation spot is somewhere on a beach. 

Emily is trained in brand licensing through Licensing University, she has an extensive background in reviewing and negotiating licensing terms and agreements. 

Emily holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Indiana University Southeast and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising and English from Western Kentucky University. 

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