Purina Tidy Cats® and Glade™ Tough Odor Solutions: A perfect match

The partnership between Purina Tidy Cats and Glade Tough Odor Solutions has developed a scented cat litter which has customers practically purring.

If you don’t believe us, just ask Hans Hansenberg from the new marketing campaign which just launched. It is innovative production and marketing like this which make IMC so excited to be involved in the Pet industry and in the marketing business in general. Great brands creating great products for great costumers is, well… great.

Co-branding between two powerhouse companies allows each company to provide their unique products to create something totally new.  “It is two amazing things that are now one remarkable new thing,” Hansenberg says.

Perhaps even better than the product itself, though, is its advertising. If you haven’t seen the Tidy Cats Youtube Channel yet, its well worth a few minutes of your time. The page links to comments streaming in from Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. It makes posts about cats and the people who own them, and features personalities like Hans, Pete Cedar, Kitty Corn, and Larry Pine.

Best of all is that customers who tweet @Tidycats are pretty likely to get a response back.

Many companies are starting to use this model of customer outreach. They are hiring people specifically to interact with customers on social media sites, and customers love the ones that do it well.

The combination of direct customer interaction, a unique product, and the creation of hilarious personality Hans Hansenberg proves that Glade and Purina Tidy Cats were a perfect partner match.

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