2013 Housewares Show: Forging New Partnerships

The 2013 International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago is the largest housewares-only fair in the world with 60,000 home goods professionals in attendance to reveal innovative new products. In addition, tens of thousands of retail buyers attended to identify future best sellers and source products that will make their businesses successful in 2013 and beyond.  Some of our current partners were showcasing new additions to their product lines for continuation of success on the retail shelf—Pic Corporation with their Raid licensed fly control products and CTI with their Ziploc powered vacuum-sealer systems.

We saw first-hand existing and new consumer lifestyle and product trends for both inside and outside of the home all under one roof.

  • Bold colors is a key trend across the board led by Pantone’s 2013 color of the year—Emerald Green
  • Kitchen gadgets for everything under the sun to assist with food prep, like the Chef’N Corn Scrub Brush
  • Bold design to give a reason for consumer to have fun while they are cooking, cleaning or organizing
  • Eronomic products to make cleaning and cooking for comfort and a natural feel, like the Casabella sponge that is soft to the touch and protects consumers’ manicure
  • Eco-friendly materials like those used on Spic n’ Span’s new line-up of bamboo cleaning accessories

Licensed products have been an overarching theme at this show for many years.  This year was no exception with many partnerships featured for the first time—Mejer introducing their new licensed Cakeboss bakeware; Febreze forging outside of the air care aisle into housewares with a decorative candle line being introduced by their licensing partner MVP International; Soda Stream added tasty flavors for their soda machines’ drink mixes that includes Kraft’s brands Kool-Aid, Country Time and Crystal Light; and Helen of Troy with Laila Ali for beauty tools designed specifically for multicultural hair.

Strategic partnerships are a way to innovate and build credibility with both the retailer and consumer and add new news to a category.  Not only does it allow the manufacturer to tap into a brand’s equities and awareness but it also helps a brand extend into adjacent categories to further enhance and allow their brand to become more relevant to consumers with less risk, increased profits and speed to market.  This is what IMC lives and breathes every day.  We make great products happen through strategic partnerships.

Stay tuned as you will spot some of our work coming to fruition at next year’s show!

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